How to mount .nrg image under linux

Quick trick to mount your Nero image files in linux without using nrg2iso tool.
This is however a partially correct way so it might not work and you will have to convert the file if you get errors.

mount -o loop,offset=307200 image.nrg /mnt/mount_folder

In case it doesn’t work for you, here are some programs that might help you in different situations:

  • nrg2iso – cross-platform. hardcoded to read all nrg files as disc at once (DAO) type causing it to fail on track at once (TAO) type images.
  • iat – cross-platform. Tool for detecting the structure of many types of CD/DVD image and convert image CD/DVD to ISO9660
  • fusenrg – for Unix-like systems. Hardcoded to read all nrg files as disc at once (DAO)